What does a real estate agent do for a seller?

June 19, 2024



What Does a Real Estate Agent do for a Seller? And How do you Find the Best One?

A real estate agent is an industry specialist obliged to do their best to obtain the most favourable offer possible for you, the seller, while behaving in accordance with your wishes. The best real estate agents go above and beyond this, providing digital tools that revolutionise the sale process. Read on to discover what a real estate agent can do for seller and how to find the best seller real estate agent for your property!

What is a real estate agent contractually obliged to do for sellers?

Here’s a list of non-negotiables that every real estate agent should offer their clients.

Be aware of all laws relevant to property sales

This provides you with peace of mind that the sales process will be handled legally. It also minimises the risk of any legal issues later on.

Behave in accordance with any lawful instructions from you

A real estate agent is employed by you and must act in accordance with your wishes at all times. The exception is if you request something that would not be good estate agency practice.

Behave in good faith at all times – honestly, fairly and to the best of their ability

The real estate agent is required to do their best to sell the property but must ensure that all parties are treated fairly. Ethical behaviour is essential.

Disclose existing relationships with recommended suppliers

Real estate agents may at times recommend external suppliers, such as house stylists or building inspectors. They must disclose any existing relationships they may have with the contractors, whether commercial or personal.

Be diligent, careful and operate with skill

It is a requirement that real estate agents take sufficient care to cover all basics.

Complete all work as soon as possible

In order to keep buyers interested and engaged, the agent needs to keep things moving. Time is of the essence.

Follow up on progress

If buyers are required to put down a deposit, the agent is required to notify you if this has not occurred. As this is usually paid into a trust account, you will be waiting to hear that this step has been completed.

Present all written or verbal offers to you, unless you request otherwise

In some cases, you may request that offers be collected and presented on a certain date. If this is the case, the agent should inform prospective buyers of this.

Advise you of their complaints and dispute resolution process

This can be in writing within the documents provided. The agent should also avoid disputes wherever possible.

What do the best real estate agents do for sellers?

Choosing an agent that meets legal obligations goes without saying, but the best real estate agents aspire to a level of service second-to-none. Here’s what to look out for.

Access to documents anytime, online

In an increasingly digital world, buyers expect to be able to access documents online and place offers in the evenings or on weekends. The best agents offer this service to avoid potential buyers losing interest, while saving time spent chasing communications.

Confidence in your asking price

Access to advanced software that shows recent sales history, price achieved in your area and how much competition they can generate for your property.

Confidence in the selling price

Real Estate Apps for Buyers allows buyers to see where they rank in relation to others, driving competition. And since all offers are on the table, you can assess each option with certainty that you’ve got the best price buyers are willing to pay. RESO is the real estate sales tool that lets sellers see offers in real-time, empowering agents to get rapid, lucrative ‘bids’ with the security of a sale. The best agents are capitalising on these tools for their clients now.

Ask us which of your local real estate agents use RESO today.


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