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Discover the Real Estate Software That’s Revolutionising Online Property Sales in Australia

Australia’s Essential Digital Offer, Acceptance and Contracting Platform

Welcome to the future of online property sales in Australia. RESO is the essential tool for real estate agents and buyers to communicate online. From inviting buyers into a sale to finalising contracts, RESO is a simple and convenient platform that allows for seamless real estate transactions.

"100% this is SO much more efficient.  I could not imagine now going back to what we used to do..... It just doesn't make sense to me anymore not to use RESO."
- Chris Pittaway, LJ Hooker Solutions Group, Nerang QLD

Forget old school property sales that are slowed down by communication delays and weighed down by mountains of paperwork. Busy lifestyles demand greater efficiency and convenience in online property sales. RESO is the ideal online real estate platform for buyers and agents to communicate easily and with greater transparency, resulting in faster and better sales outcomes for vendors. It’s an end-to-end solution for frictionless and paperless real estate transactions.


With RESO, property transactions are:


Instant notifications allow agents and buyers to communicate quickly and easily


A 24/7 portal allows buyers to make an offer at a time that suits them


When a property receives multiple offers, REBid ranking allows buyers to know where their offer is ranked


One easy-to-use platform where digital contracts can be read, signed and finalised


Our online document portal allows for safe, simple real estate transactions

Agencies using RESO

Seamless Online Property Sales From One Easy Platform

Whether you’re an agent, a buyer or a seller, RESO is a better way to buy and sell real estate online.

For Real Estate Agents

With record numbers of buyers being invited into each and every property sale, RESO is designed to simplify the process at every stage. Save time and streamline the sales process by managing multiple buyers from one easy and secure platform. Integrating with most major CRMs, and REI Forms Live, you’ll wonder what you ever did before RESO!

For Buyers

RESO’s online real estate platform guides buyers through the entire sales process, allowing you to fit buying a property in around your busy lifestyle. From submitting your offer online to signing digital contracts, the future of buying property online is here! With RESO, every buyer has a fair and equal chance to buy the property of their dreams.

For Sellers

The flexibility of making offers on one convenient online platform means more buyers can be invited into a sale – and more buyers drives competition for your property. Result? Your property sells faster, and for more! Does your real estate agent have the RESO advantage?

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