RESO – A Better Way To Sell Your Property Online

 "It is easy to sell any home at the moment, but are you getting the BEST price for that home? And efficiently managing the multiple offer process? That's where RESO comes in  .........  Owners love the transparency of it.  They can see how it maximises their sale price." - Chris Pittway, LJ Hooker Solutions, Nerang QLD

A safe, easy-to-use online real estate property platform that minimises time-wasting and maximises buyer offers? That’s the RESO advantage. Is your agent using it?

"I was speaking to a lady and she said 'I've picked somebody else......I loved you as an agent but this other agent had something called RESO and I'm keen to get the very top dollar.'" - Tina Ball, Ball Realty, QLD

RESO gives your trusted agent a powerful mobile sales tool that enables them to negotiate the very best price for your property in the shortest possible time. With the ability to communicate with multiple buyers, invite buyers to make offers, share property documents, generate a Seller Report, negotiate, and finalise contracts all on one simple, smart and secure online platform, RESO truly is an essential tool for today’s property market.

How Does RESO Improve Sales Outcomes For Sellers?

The convenience and flexibility the RESO platform offers to buyers and agents results in a seamless sales experience for sellers, too.
Whether you choose to sell by private treaty, or best offer by, RESO delivers a frictionless sales experience for all parties.

"It is amazing how much someone WILL move with competition.  With the RESO platform (buyers) can see where they are ranked.  That changed it. We went from sort of three offers to, all of a sudden we have fifty-six offers on a property." - Sarah O'Dwyer, LJ Hooker, Nerang QLD


One Easy-To-Use Platform

A modern solution for the modern property market, a sale can be completed end-to-end on one secure platform


Convenient and Efficient

The ability for agents and buyers to communicate easily and receive updates instantly via RESO keeps the sales process moving


Quality Lead Generation

Full integration with real estate CRMs allows your agent to utilise existing buyer data to invite more pre-qualified prospects into the sale, driving competition and securing outstanding sales price outcomes


Flexible Online Offers

RESO gives buyers the ability to make an offer at any time and from anywhere. This flexibility means more buyers can be invited into the sale


Better Sales Outcomes

Multiple buyers enable your agent to use their negotiating skills to drive competition and momentum to secure you the very best sale price


REBid Ranking

Your agent may use our optional REBid tool to drive competitive tension and create greater transparency for buyers


Simplified Offers Summary

With RESO, your agent can generate a Seller Report which presents pre-qualified buyers, offer amounts, and terms and conditions in one centralised summary, enabling you to make a clear and informed decision about the sale


A Faster, Smarter and Easier Sales Process

Finalise your property sale swiftly and seamlessly. All parties can access, read and sign digital contracts via RESO

Does your agent have the RESO advantage?
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