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RESO is an everyday tool that makes real estate simple. With seamless integrations, instant notifications and paperless transactions, communication is easy for you and your buyers - managing offers, conditions and contracts.

Freeing up valuable time affords you the opportunity to prospect for new business, nurture and exceed your current customer relationships and expectations.

There is an optional ranking feature that can be used in a multi offer scenario – that will set you apart from your competitors.

With everything at your fingertips, you control the sale and the timing. Managing the entire process is in your hands.

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Achieve the best sales result
RESO allows buyers to submit offers online no matter where they are giving your agent the best chance to secure as many buyers as possible
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Choosing the right real estate agent and the best method of sale are the key decisions when selling a property.

Your agent is the professional who knows your area and your market, so is therefore in the best position to recommend the best method of sale whether that be auction, private treaty or best offer by.

Regardless of the method of sale, RESO allows all buyers to submit offers online no matter where they are – on holiday, at work, at home therefore giving your agent the best chance to secure as many buyers as possible.

Ideally there will be multiple offers on your property. When this happens, timing, skill, and strong negotiation by your Agent is paramount to achieving the best sale price.

RESO allows your agent to choose the optional ranking feature to create transparency and increase competitive tension.

Your agent can provide you with pre-qualified buyers, terms and conditions and offer amounts – all simplified and centralised to one ‘offer summary’ or contracts for you so you can make a clear and informed decision when it’s time to sell.

Key Benefits to Sellers


Best Sale Outcome

Sellers can be confident of achieving the best result for their sale

Online Sales Platform

Online Sales Platform

Reach as many buyers as possible at any time


Fast Sale

The efficiency of the platform enables your agent to create momentum and competition quickly and easily


Seller FAQs

Is RESO an alternative to using a Real Estate Agent?

No, RESO is simply a tool that has been designed to be used by Real Estate Agents.

Contact us to find out who the registered agents are in your area.