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Spencer Park WA 6330


Land - Spencer Park WA

“Well I want to build, but I have a number of things that need to be right about my block of choice. I know I will probably be looking for ages, (actually you won’t) but I don’t want to be out in the suburbs where everyone is crammed in together, you know… you can hear the neighbour’s car start up or the toilet flush (not here).”

“Central is also important, I want to be close to schools (Spencer Park Primary School and Saint Josephs College), the CBD and shopping centers, (Coles, Woolies and IGA), plus medical services (doctors and Hospital).
Definitely don’t want a busy road, local traffic only please, (end of a cul de sac and you will only see the cars of those who live around you and the odd lost Sunday afternoon driver, very quiet) and of course all services need to be there (they are).”

“But that is just not enough, (it’s a fair bit though), I really want some decent views, some water would be nice but I do love the lights at night so looking out over the City would be ideal (in spades my friend! ….. there is the man made lake on the corner of North Road and Sanford Road to look at plus over 180 degree’s of City lights to take in, even a bit or rural) and I absolutely don’t want the views to be built out at some future point (they won’t).”

“Oh and I nearly forgot the most basic thing, its got to be bigger than those postage stamps they call blocks these days (909 square meters). Hard to find I know” (well no ….. 111 Hillman Street is in Albany’s CENTRAL GOLDEN TRIANGLE and will always be a sought after address. Close to other things you have not even considered yet but will enjoy, like two specialty butchers, the Albany City Sporting Complex and beaches that are only a 5 minute drive, as is the Golf Club.
“It must be good value as well” (serviced central land of a duplex size is drying up fast and soon they will be gone, and then you have to start knocking down the old stuff to build in this location, that’s going to be a very expensive exercise. No question, there’s brilliant value here!).

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Jeremy Stevenson

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