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Seamless CRM Integrated Software for Real Estate Agents in Australia

"With RESO, because the buyers put all their needed details (their names, their address, their financial institution they are using and everything), with one click of a button, I think over 80% of the details are pre-filled when they are using the REI form.  Which just saved me so much time."
- Baldeep Dang, XSell Property, Adelaide SA


For an online property sales platform to be an effective tool for real estate agents in Australia, it must have integration with the systems that agents already utilise.
That’s why we’ve partnered with most of the major real estate CRM systems, as well as REI Forms Live / Realworks.


RESO allows for easy integration with:

Integrating with Property CRM Systems for Maximum Efficiency

Streamline your current processes and property CRM systems with RESO. It’s an end-to-end online property sales solution for busy agents juggling multiple properties and multiple buyers.

Once registered with RESO, agents can:

Access all
existing data
on RESO’s user-friendly platform

Reduce time-consuming data entry, admin and paperwork

Populate forms
and contracts
at the touch
of a button

Utilise existing buyer information to easily identify suitable leads for new listings

Communicate swiftly and effectively with buyers through RESO

Receive instant notifications, request offers, and generate digital signature contracts

Our team will guide you through the integration process to ensure all your existing data is
accessible on RESO, and help you get the most out of this innovative new platform. Get started today!