Buyers Guide

Top Tips for Single Homebuyers


1. Budget

Buying a home on your own is a fantastic move and a great step toward your financial future. However, make sure it is a home you can afford if there is momentary-or longer -blip in your financial profile.

2. Safety & Security

Remember that being a single homeowner doesn’t allow for someone being home the majority of the time. So, you will need to consider safety and security issues.

3. Maintenance

Being the only person with a set of house keys also means being the only person responsible for maintenance. A leaky faucet and overgrown lawn won’t take care of themselves.

4. Resale and Longevity

Purchasing a home is a great long-term investment. However, there are many reasons why single homebuyers may need to move, such a relocating for a job or lifestyle change.

5. Future

You may buy yourself a nice unit now, but, someday, you might want to live with a significant other to your team and even possibly children.