Buyers Guide

13 Steps for Buying a home


Let’s get real

Advertising and pre-market

Most properties are sold through real estate advertising portals such as:-


However roughly 20 % of properties throughout Australia are sold premarket, that is, properties are listed with real estate agents, but the properties are sold to proactive buyers who have developed a relationship with a particular agent known for property sales in their area.

Agents will often approach off market property owners and seek expressions of interest to sell their property pre-market – that is, after listing the property the agent approaches known buyers or buyer agents to sell the property before the property is advertised through the major advertising portals.

If you give details of your requirements and price range to real estate agents, they will be able to help you by showing you several suitable properties in the area you are looking.

Make sure you are very specific about the type, location and price of home you are looking for as some agents may show you properties which they are finding difficult to sell. You should view a large number of properties to compare value for money. This will also help you to realise your own requirements and what your money can buy.

There are many points to consider when inspecting properties. Remember to ask yourself:

  • Does it suit my needs?
  • What are its faults?
  • What are its features?
  • How does the price compare with other properties seen?

Use a Homebuyer’s Checklist when inspecting properties.