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RESO is an everyday tool that makes real estate simple. With seamless integrations, instant notifications and paperless transactions, communication is easy for you and your buyers - managing offers, conditions and contracts.

Freeing up valuable time affords you the opportunity to prospect for new business, nurture and exceed your current customer relationships and expectations.

There is an optional ranking feature that can be used in a multi offer scenario – that will set you apart from your competitors.

With everything at your fingertips, you control the sale and the timing. Managing the entire process is in your hands.

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RESO makes buying real estate simple from communication with agent to making offers all online - anywhere, anytime
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For most of us, buying and selling real estate is the biggest financial transaction of our lives, so it’s important to get it right.

RESO is an online platform that real estate agents use to manage all buyers and all offers in a streamlined process.

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Key Benefits to Buyers

Online Sales Platform

RESO is an online real estate sales platform

Easy to Use

It’s easy to use

Equal Opportunity

RESO gives every buyer a fair and equal opportunity to buy the property

Anywhere anytime 2

You can place an offer on the property online – anywhere, anytime

How it works

Register your interest in the property

To register your interest in a property that’s being sold using RESO, simply ask the Real Estate Agent for log-in access.

Register with RESO

By registering, you’ll be kept informed throughout the sale.

Submit your offer and conditions

You’ll then be invited to submit an offer online – including all terms and conditions.

REBid Ranking

At the discretion of the seller, the agent may use a ranking feature. Ranking assists you as a buyer to understand where your offer is ranked by price (although you can’t see the value of other offers).   Offers submitted after the agent ranks, will not be included in the ranking.

Ranking offers may not be appropriate for all sales as other factors may influence a seller’s decision, such as the conditional terms submitted by a buyer. Many factors are considered by the Seller when choosing if and when an offer is accepted.

If you have any queries in relation to ranking or your offer in general, please contact the agent.

Secure the property

You can increase your offer if you’re keen to secure that property


Buyer FAQs

Is there a cost for potential buyers to use RESO?


How do buyers know that the other buyers are genuine?

There are a number of reasons why buyers can have confidence in the integrity of the RESO sale process:

  • RESO is not an open or searchable platform, so the only people who can participate in a RESO sale are those who have been invited to register for that property by the agent.
  • All buyers must agree to the terms and conditions in RESO’s Terms of Use – including that they are a natural person, they are not the seller or acting for the seller, and that they are acting in good faith.
  • All buyers provide their names, mobile numbers and email addresses when they register, so their identities can be verified; further, before they can submit a Best Offer, they must provide the full name(s) and address for the contract of sale, which is a legal document.
  • The only buyers who can submit an offer in RESO are those who have been qualified by the real estate agent, which means that their contract conditions are acceptable to the vendor.
  • The RESO platform records the entire process, including every buyer and every offer, so it is independently auditable in the event of a complaint.
  • Real estate agents are bound by the law and by Real Estate Institutes’ codes of conduct, to prevent any illegal or unethical conduct.

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