The Future is Here for Real Estate Agents

"When I tell (potential sellers) about some of the campaigns that we have......I can show them on my phone.  And it is not just me saying it, they can see it.  Straightaway they are saying 'Well I want nine offers, ten offers too."- Nathan Tonich, Realmark Urban, WA

The modern property market brings with it modern challenges for real estate agents, including juggling a high volume of daily enquiries, and record numbers of buyers invited into each sale.

RESO is the gamechanger you’ve been waiting for.

In one simple to use platform, this online real estate transaction management software guides you and your prospective buyers from first meeting to final contract with ease. In the palm of your hand, and wherever you go, RESO is a mobile sales platform that allows for digital offers, acceptance and smart contracting.


"The first one on RESO I was blown away, thinking 'what just happened?'  The offers were just flying in!"

- Sarah O'Dwyer, LJ Hooker Solutions, Nerang QLD.


Seamlessly integrating with most major CRMs and REI Forms Live / Realworks to populate contracts lightning fast, the future is finally here – and it will change the way you work for the better.

Why Real Estate Agents Choose RESO for Online Property Sales

RESO allows you to streamline your workflow, negotiate on the go, and reduce those endless hours of admin and paperwork.

"All you gotta do is press the link, the buyer fills in a few details, then submits.  There you go.... What I love about RESO is it is user friendly with other platforms, one button and (that offer) goes into your REI forms and your contract is formulated.  It is an absolute lifesaver."

- Andrew Kyriacou, XSell Property, Adelaide SA


Save Time and Stress

RESO reduces the sales process
by an average of 9 hours 


Qualify Buyers Quicker

Buyers easily register their interest, make an offer, and submit their financial details on one seamless and secure digital platform


Sell Properties Faster

Don’t let property sales drag on. RESO is a 24/7 online platform that allows for speedy communication and instant updates between buyers and agents


Communicate Anytime and Anywhere

Forget time constraints and time zone differences, communicate with and manage multiple buyers from all over the country and all over the world on one platform


View All Buyer Offers Received on One Screen

Simplify negotiations with a quick view of all offers/conditions in one place


Create Instant Contracts

At the touch of a button, agents can create tailored buyer contracts, secure an offer and then submit it to the seller


Make Paperless Real Estate Transactions

Arranging for hardcopy contracts to be signed can be unnecessarily complicated. RESO allows for completely digital transactions, giving much needed flexibility to buyers, sellers, and agents, too   


Increase Competitive Tension

REBid is an optional feature that allows buyers to see where their offer is ranked, fostering a transparent process that buyers appreciate


Collect Buyer Data

RESO keeps pre-qualified buyer information stored on the system which facilitates instant lead generation for busy agents

Success Stories

The RESO Advantage

Give your clients and buyers a frictionless property sales experience. Create a more efficient workflow for yourself. RESO is the complete solution to modern online real estate sales.

Interested? There are no ongoing subscriptions.